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General terms

General Terms and Conditions of the website

20 August 2015,

The Comité national olympique et sportif français (French National Olympic and Sports Committee), the CNOSF, recognised as a public interest organisation by decree of 6 March 1922, recorded in the French National Registry of Associations under the number W759000031, publishes and hosts the website, hereafter "the website".

1. Introduction

The website is dedicated to the initiatives of the "Sport for everyone" project. Information on the project (partners involved, schedule for seminars, results presentation documents) will be available to the general public on it.

Information accessible on the Website or from documents may be changed at any time and at the discretion of the CNOSF.

Use of the Website, either directly or indirectly, on any medium offered implies that the visitor fully, completely and unreservedly accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

The CNOSF may amend at any time all or part of the terms of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Amendments are binding on the user as soon as they are online. The visitor should therefore regularly check the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.

Access to the Website is free for visitors with Internet access. Nevertheless, the visitor shall bear the resulting access costs, including but not limited to connection to the web, subscriptions or the bandwidth, hardware or software used.

The visitor may view information by means of the CNOSF automated data processing system, provided that it is used in a private, non-profit setting and that it is not intended to be used collectively, whether for free or against payment.

The Website may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

2. Restricted area

Some individuals, hereafter "the User", may be identified by the CNOSF and granted access to the restricted area.

Access to the restricted area requires the User to log in by means of a username and password. The CNOSF will send the User the login details.

The login details given to the User are strictly personal and confidential. The User must not therefore send them to a third party for any reason whatsoever. Users are fully responsible for keeping their own login details confidential and, to prevent a third party from using them fraudulently, shall take all measures necessary to ensure that the details are fully protected.
The CNOSF may withdraw the access rights of the User in the event of a breach of any of the obligations arising from these General Terms and Conditions of Use, after a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt containing a formal notice and sent by the CNOSF remains unanswered for eight (8) days. As a result of that termination, the account and login details of the User will be deleted completely.

3. Intellectual property

The general structure of the Website and all the content published on it are protected by French and international law, in particular with regard to intellectual property, including copyright and related rights, trademark rights and image rights.

Therefore the visitor may not reproduce, represent or use any of the content on the Website. The ban includes but is not limited to:

• Any adaptation, reproduction, publishing, distribution public communication of all or part of the work, brands, or any element protected by an intellectual property right and on the Website;
• Any use or reuse, including for private purposes, of a substantial part of the database content or the general structure of the Website;
• Any reproduction, summary, alteration, amendment, movement, replacement or republishing without prior authorisation from the CNOSF of all or part of the contents and/or brands on the Website.

4. Liability

The CNOSF may not be held liable for a non-performance or faulty performance resulting from an unforeseeable or insurmountable event, or in the event of force majeure as laid down by the law and jurisprudence of the French courts.

The visitor is liable for taking all appropriate measures to protect the party's own devices, data and/or software from any contamination from any internet-borne computer viruses. Thus the CNOSF may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for the use of information available to the visitor on the Website.

Similarly, the CNOSF may not be held liable should any of the following circumstances arise:
• Operating difficulties with – or interruption to – the Website beyond the control of the CNOSF;
• Momentary interruptions to the Website needed to develop, maintain or update it;
• Failure or malfunctioning of the internet when sending data, messages or documents.

Additionally, the CNOSF shall take all possible precautions to ensure that the information provided is correct, complete and up-to-date.

However, the CNOSF is not responsible for nor does it guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information on the Website.

Thus it may not be held liable for the visitor's use of the information on the Website in any case.

5. Hyperlinks

The Website contains links to partner websites and other unaffiliated websites. In that respect, the CNOSF is not responsible for the content of its partner websites or any unaffiliated websites and does not espouse or endorse the information on or mentioned by those websites.

6. Cookies

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers transferred to the visitor's computer hard drive via a browser and which enable the CNOSF to recognise that visitor.

The CNOSF reserves the right to place cookies on the visitor's computer and to access them.

Visitors may deactivate or delete cookies via the options section in their browser. As every browser is different, visitors should read their browser notice to set it so that it suits them.

7. Legal notice

Publisher of the website
CNOSF, Association loi 1901 reconnue d'utilité publique, 1, avenue Pierre de Coubertin – 75640 Paris cedex 13 – Tel: 01 40 78 28 00 Fax: 01 40 78 28 34

Host of the website
ADISTA SAS, 9 rue Blaise Pascal, 54320 MAXEVILLE ; Tel: 04 77 91 21 91 - Fax : 04 77 91 21 92,

Editor: Denis Masseglia

8. Governing law

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to French law.