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NOC of F.Y.R.Macedonia, NOC of MKD

This NOC was founded on the 29th of April 1992 in Skopje and is both an Olympic Committee and a Sports Committee. Its main objective is to communicate the Olympic ideals and implement IOC programmes.
On the 21th of September 1993, the NOC became the 195th member of the IOC. The Macedonian Olympic Committee is composed of Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports federations as well as distinguished athletes and sport administration entities. Several commissions work on various national and international programmes.

Every year on the 23rd of June, the Olympic Committee organises an "Olympic Day" to honour the creation of the IOC, in addition to other events dedicated to the Olympic spirit and ideals. On these occasions, sport, cultural, literary and arts events are also organised with schools, from nursery to university level, and competitions are organised on the theme of the Olympic Games and sport in general.

The Macedonian Olympic Committee also organises technical and medical seminars for athletes, coaches, technical and supervisory staff and anybody working with or in sports clubs, sporting associations or national sports federations. The subjects of the seminars vary depending on the needs and the knowledge required in all the areas of expertise.

One of the main programmes is on continued professional development for coaches. The Macedonian Olympic Committee subsidies aims at helping coaches specialised in various countries and training centres. Relations with the International Olympic Committee and foreign NOCs are therefore very important and greatly appreciated.