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NOC of Italy, CONI

The Italian National Olympic Committee was founded in 1908. It is in charge of developing and managing sport activities in Italy.

The CONI is the national sports governing body and represents 45 national federations, 16 associated disciplines, 12 sports promotion organisations, 1 territorial sports organisation and 19 sport improvement organisations. There are 95,000 sports clubs, and 11,000,000 members.

The CONI manages, conducts and coordinates the organisation of sports activities in the country. It laid the foundations for regulations on sports activities and protecting athletes' health, to ensure competitions and championships are properly organised. In addition, the CONI organises widespread promotion of sports diversity for all age groups in the population, paying special attention to sports for able-bodied and disabled youngsters, in conjunction with the Italian Paralympic Committee. The CONI, as a representative for the sports system, implements a policy against exclusion, inequality, racism and xenophobia. It also promotes all actions to combat all kinds of violence and discrimination in sport.

It creates the principles and rules on membership and the use of foreign athletes, to promote the competitiveness of national teams, safeguard national sports and protect young people. The CONI, as part of the sports legal system, creates principles that reconcile the economic dimension of sport and its popular, social, educational and cultural aspects. The Olympic Committee ensures that all young high-level athletes trained by federations or sporting associations gain an education or professional training in addition to their sports training. The CONI establishes principles to prevent or eliminate the use of substances or practices to alter the physical performance of working athletes and athletes in sports competitions.

The CONI promotes widespread practice of sport, to ensure social and cultural integration for people and communities living in the country. It encourages and supervises sports for the youngest people in society, from nursery level. The CONI has a policy to combat and prevent doping amongst competing athletes and in sport in general, in conjunction with the authorities responsible for combating doping.