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“Sport for Everyone” gathers:

        •      6 National Olympic Committees (NOC)

        •      1 think tank, Sport and Citizenship.

The 6 NOCs are all recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). As NOC, they share a common vision and mission. Indeed they all promote the principles of Olympism and oversee the logistics of sports delegations for major events such as the Olympic Games. There are nevertheless slight differences between these 6 NOCs in terms of fields of expertise and organisation.

The 6 NOCs will share their experience in promoting grassroots sports and some of them will also host a seminar in their own country.

NOC of France, CNOSF
The CNOSF was created in 1894 and represents the entire sports movement in France.
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NOC of Italy, CONI
The CONI was founded in 1908 and is in charge of developing and managing sports activities in Italy.
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NOC of Lithuania, LNOC
The LTOK was created in 1924 and contributes to the development of the country's Olympic and Paralympic sports programme.
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NOC of the Republic of Macedonia, NOC of MKD
The MOK was created in 1992 and its main objective is to communicate ideals and implement IOC programmes.
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NOC of Portugal, COP
The COP was created in 1909 and represents the sports movement in Portugual.
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NOC of Spain, COE
The COE was created in 1912 and its main aim is to contribute to promoting and spreading Olympic ideals.
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Sport and Citizenship
Sport and Citizenship was created in 2007 and is the only think tank in Europe dedicated to analyzing sport policies and studying the societal impact of sport in Europe.
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